Best Split AC in India 2020

Best Split AC in India 2020

Best Split AC in India 2020
Best Split AC in India 2020


Best Split AC in India 2020

Best Split AC in India 2020
Best Split AC in India 2020
  • Split AC; 1.25 ton capacity

  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor
  • Fan Mode
  • One Touch Super Silent
  • One Touch Super Cool
  • Auto Fan Speed
  • Hitachi Cooling & Heating is the global brand of premium air conditioning solutions from Johnson Controls-Hitachi, a joint venture between Hitachi Appliances Inc. and Johnson Controls Inc. Each company has its own heritage that goes back more than 100 years of history and culture. Together we form a leading global brand in premium cooling and heating solutions. Best Split AC in India 2020
  • We want to create a world in which through our high Japanese technology people live in harmony with themselves, with their families and the environment that surrounds them. Through the design, engineering and manufacturing of reliable, efficient and high-quality heating and cooling systems, we help people find the best possible air-conditioning solution, meeting their expectations. Best Split AC in India 2020
  • Hitachi split air conditioners are cost effective and require minimal work for installation. We offer stylish split air conditioners which are suitable for all your interior decoration needs and offer superior energy efficiency and performance. Hitachi split air conditioner range includes inverter split air conditioners and star rated split air conditioners. Inverter split air conditioners consume a significantly low amount of power for their operation as the flow of refrigerant and the speed of the compressor are set optimally to achieve this. Hitachi inverter split air conditioners provide cooling for your office space and home in an economical and speed efficient way. Star rated split air conditioners by Hitachi offer cooling solutions which are energy efficient and productive for both home and office with the added feature of being environment friendly at the same time and they provide cutting edge cooling solutions making use of advanced technology. Best Split AC in India 2020
  • High-performance inverter split ACs from Hitachi Air ensures faster and efficient cooling of your home while keeping your energy bills to the minimum.
  • With steady cooling compressor Hitachi split inverter ACs gives you high ambient cooling even at 52 degree to provide you instant relief from scorching heat. Best Split AC in India 2020
  • Hitachi air conditioners come with stainless steel coated filters which helps in improving the air quality inhibiting the growth of bacteria and removes any foul odours in the room to give cool and fresh air.
  • Excellent AC. Great Cooling in Summer where ambient temperature arround 40°C. Power consumption is moderate. Its 1540 watt. Noise level is ok, not much loud.
  • manufacturer of India’s 3rd largest selling air-conditioner brand ‘Hitachi’, recently launched its latest range of energy-efficient and expandable Inverter AC solutions
  • With the launch of its all new range of most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions, the organization aims to bring about a revolution in Indian AC industry and to become India’s leading HVAC brand.
  • Hitachi is an already established, premium brand with more than 30 years of legacy in India. As a part of its growth strategy, post the global joint venture between Johnson Controls, U.S. and Hitachi, Japan, the company has been taking big initiatives to fortify the company’s leadership in the market.
  • Hitachi cooling and heating has always strived to improve the indoor air experience for its consumers. This year, to provide benefits of an air which is clean, fresh, silent, odourless and surround, Hitachi cooling and heating has introduced ‘Hitachi air’ concept for a perfectly balanced and harmonious indoor air experience,
  • This new series provides comfort with 60 per cent faster cooling, 20 per cent more moisture removal and 10 per cent higher performance than other standard inverter air conditioners


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